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RAM, Ghz for tablets, how much power do I really need?


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So I'm back and forth between different possible tablets, and the Nexus 7 of course has plenty of good points, but then some tablets are cheaper, and at least have ports/inputs the Nexus 7 doesn't. And I'm not sure if the Nexus 7's quadcore is really necessary, it might be unnecessarily powerful for me. I've been looking at tablets(archos, coby, etc.) that are in the cheaper range, and have some good features, but one has a low amount of RAM:


Android 3.2 Honeycomb

ARM Cortex A8 1.2GHz

512MB Memory



Even the Kindle Fire only has 512 MB, although it's a dual core at least and this isn't.



I don't do internet gaming. I don't care really. I do surf a lot, I'd use it as an E-reader, and to look up Youtube videos sometimes.


Really, a lot of my internet usage is just reading forums/articles/wiki, but I DO tend to multi-task with multiple browsers a lot. So between that and the occasional Youtubing, that's the most demanding internet activity I use. Multiple internet browsers(e-mail, forums, etc.) really.


I know this is a subjective thing, but I'm trying to make the best decision I can with my meager funds.

So with that in mind, do you think it's a good fit, or is the single core 512 MB processor too old fashioned now?


I've been told Honeycomb/3.2 was a "dead end" and has low app support. That could be very bad, if I want to find apps for text-to-speech, reading comic books, etc. A guy told me his Nook Color is a single core 512 MB unit, and it mostly collects dust, with few people he knows wanting to buy it off of him due to the perceived slowness.

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the 3.2 is dead end...4.1 is current with a lot of tablets running 4.0


As far as whats good and whats not thats hard to tell. I got into tablets by accident with being brought a clone tablet with a busted OS. This was a cheap 50.00 WonderMedia VIA 8650 knock off tablet. Good for kids but not much else. It also had 512/1gb ram and storage. slow A8 800mhz CPU and couldn't run a movie without lag


During the coarse of trying to get his fixed I surfed several forums for answers as knock off tablets also have knock off firmware and will only work on those tablets and real firmware will not.


I also learned about other tablets just reading and there are a great many out there. There are some really great buys if you know what you are looking for. The Google Nexus 7, even without extra ports, is a great tablet and is geared toward cloud storage. The quad core CPU is very powerful but for the price range you'd be hard pressed to find a dual core that cheap and as well built being the nexus 7 is built by Asus.


There are many cheap sub-100.00 dollar tablets and some very worthy of trying

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