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Hello to all on the forum thismorning/afternoon.


Im chris and im new to the forum so hello. now this may be in the wrong place or theirs all ready a post about this iv had a look using search but if im wrong please point me in the right direction,


ok so i have a MB.Z3S, Speed tablet (
) its some little cheep thing from china!

its running 4.0.3 android version Ice Cream Sandwich, now it loves to crash apps all the time and frees up now i no your all going to tell me thats what you get for buying a cheep tablet! what im wanting to do is to change the O.S so it runs better, witch one, i dont know!


hears some specks from the back of the box,


CPU samsung ARM Cortex-A8 IGHz

flash memory RAm built in 512mb DDR3

NAND Flash 4gb



if you need any more info please just shout once agen sorry if this is in the rong place or if thairs a simalar post!


thanks chris.

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You can only change the OS is a really smart and motivated developers wants to change the OS on his device.

9 out of 10 times, those developers get REAL phone and tablets, not some cheap chinese knockoff. 'm sorry but more then likely you are shit out of luck on an OS upgrade Sell it, save up to buy a Nexus 7

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