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I am using HTC ONE V. I used to surf the net through my phone directly. Recently I tried to connect my broadband connction from laptop to phone through "internet pass-through" on my phone. But it keeps on trying to start internet pass through, but the net from laptop doesn't work on my phone. I m unable to establish the connection.


However, I installed HTC SYNC MANAGER from HTC's official website and tried to connect my phone. But, this time my phone doesn't show up in the attached list. I tried sync manager option from phone without getting any success. My laptop doesn't detect my phone. By the way, I m using WINDOWS VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32 bits. I connect my laptop to the internet through wireless router.


Please Help me in solving my problem.

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If you are using a wireless router why would you need to use the internet pass through feature?


Make sure you have the last drivers installed. From what i understand (I have never used HTC Sync Manager) the Sync Manager should take care of driver issues but you might want to look into that. If nothing else uninstall Sync Manager. Reboot your computer, and then re-install it.

Make sure your computer's has an internet connection and not just a wifi connection.

When you connect the phone to the laptop make sure you use the USB data cable not to try and do it over wifi

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