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What do you like and dislike in modern smartphones?


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We want to unite "smartphone fans", ie all people for whom the smartphone is not just a dialer, but a powerful and useful gadget.


We would be grateful for all opinions from "experts" and "dummies".


The point is very simple - please, share: what you like and dislike in modern smartphones?


What features do you use and which of them seems to be redundant?


What functionality works well, and what still leaves much to be desired, etc. and so on?



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I love the constant connection. 2G, 3G, 4G and beyond i love being connection. Even through texts and phone calls i hate going without.

I really enjoy touchscreen technology. I know it is a incredibly small part of smartphones but it is one people take for granted. Imagine trying all of these on Blackberrys with tracballs. Fuck that

Modern Smartphone design, its just sexy. it is nice to look at.





lag, hate it.

close ecosystems (iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phones) I want my phone to look like my phone not fit the vision of what some executive thinks a phone should look like

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I agree with bd that one of the things I really hate is closed ecosystems. I like to be able to customize the phone myself and be able to pick which os, launcher, and style I prefer. The Iphone and BlackBerry are very limited in that respect, which is why I am dedicated to Android.


I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask your question because the people who frequent this board are usually more than casual Android users. I'm sure the greater masses of smart phone users out there actually don't care to tinker with them too much and want them to "just work" so they can go about their other pursuits. The reason the people on this board are here is because we have a specific interest in Android and the ability to customize our phones.


Having said that, some of the other features I would love to see smart phones have would be; better computing power, more ability to support different/multiple operating systems, and better speech recognition packages and functions.


For computing power, I would like to see phones that can hook to a printer and support the drivers for desktop printers. There are trucking companies out there right now that still need paper waybills to pick up freight at airports and shipping terminals, etc. If the driver could not only get a PDF of the waybill on his phone but be able to print it from a small desktop printer plugged into the truck DC outlet through an inverter, it would save immeasurable time. I have friends in trucking who say waiting in line for faxes to come through from their offices at shipping terminals take up half their day. This is just one example of what I mean by greater computing power but a relevant one. Where Microsoft's greatest innovation (arguably) was their dedication to "plug and play", in which you plug in a device and it had a plethora of preloaded drivers to choose from, the mobile operating systems lack that functionality. Perhaps with the advent of cloud storage there could be a driver repository somewhere so mobile devices could up their ability to connect to peripheral devices such as printers, faxes, digital cameras or other external drive media.


For multiple or different operating systems, I would say that any handset manufacturer that could come out with a phone that could easily port other operating systems would have an advantage in the marketplace with those people who don't like change. I have a friend with a BlackBerry who is in her early 40's. She has been with BlackBerry for some ten years now and doesn't want to have to learn a new system. To those of us who are in the business or are passionate about our phones and operating systems and such, learning a new platform is a reason to get excited. To most people it is a dreaded chore. If they use their mobile device for business reasons it is down right scary to think you might miss something important or screw up on the job because you weren't familiar with your phone's features yet.


I understand all too well from the recent Samsung/Apple litigation/tantrum that you can't just take another company's operating system but if you could back up your old device and somehow reintergrate that information; including apps, data, contacts, and browser settings; to a new device that would then give you a tour of where that information went and how to access it, I think a lot of people would abandon RIM for the sinking ship that it is and get with the new paradigm.


The last one I mentioned was speech recognition. This might not be a biggie for most people and I don't think it is a huge factor in the mobile market, which is why I mention it last and will keep this short, but I mean come on, it's the 21st century man. I don't expect my device to be able to respond to my voice commands with all the efficiency of the omni-present computer of Star trek lore, but if I'm trying to google "molasses" and it keeps asking me if I need new glasses then we haven't spent enough time developing this feature. A lot of people get injured while texting and driving or doing other things with their mobile devices that they shouldn't be doing while hurtling a few tons of steel, rubber and glass across the surface of our densely populated planet. If the speech recognition and functionality of these devices was better it could go a long way to not only helping people avoid personal injury but to keeping governments from feeling like they have to keep poking around the industry looking for more aspects of it to regulate.


I hope this helped.

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well, what I like about smartphone is the mobility and what I dislike is the battery !! I gets empty soo soon .... I remembered in my childhood we have a Alcatel phone which can last more than 15 days. We use to call it inverter ....  :lol:  and now smartphone are always plugged to the charging socket. 

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