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facebook and ebay issues - need help1

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Hi -


I have a Sony Xperia S, and lately i've been having a few issues with both the Ebay and the Facebook apps.


Facebook - If i click on a picture, half of the time it doesn't load the picture, i just get a black screen, and then when i push the back button to come out of that particular picture to go back to the album/news feed/persons page it takes me right to the top of my news feed again.. regardless as to how far down i had just scrolled, or if i was on someone's page/photo album.


Ebay - when i'm searching for something, and i click on a certain product, when i click the back button, it takes me right to the top of the list again ..which is very annoying, especially when i've just scrolled down past about 100 items!!


i was wondering if anyone else was having these problems or if it was something i had done in the settings on my phone? as it's not always been like this, it's just been like it for the past few months! :(




Leah :)

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The android Facebook app is very unreliable. They just cannot seem to get it down to a stable app without any bugs. I recommend 2 options:


1. Use the Friendcaster app. It's much better than the Android Facebook app.

2. Access facebook through the browser. I use dolphin browser but any browser is better than the Android Facebook app.

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