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Weird spam messages with weird statusbar icon


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Just switched from an iPhone 4 to a galaxy nexus GSM unlocked running the vanilla jellybean update. I downloaded a speed dial widget from the google play store, and weird messages started appearing on my phone. i've since uninstalled the widget, but they keep coming.


They appear only in the notification tray. They are entirely in Chinese characters, and one tried to download something onto my phone when i accidentally clicked it. Whatever downloaded was not successful in installing itself. Android stopped it because it was not from the play store.


I get maybe 3 or 4 of these a day now. At first i thought they were texts, as the icon next to them was a speech bubble with 3 or 4 lines in it representing text in the speech bubble.


I launched the message app to check my texts, but it wasnt there. It's not the regular text symbol with the smiley in the bubble. It looks like a speech bubble with text in it. What kind of messages are these? I want to figure this out so I can get rid of them by blocking or other means.


I wasn't expecting spyware to be the problem I had with android. This is almost annoying enough to go back to an iPhone.


Any ideas?



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