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Apple Tech took Android customized shell


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Hello Group,


I could use some advice on how to deal with Apple. This year I was fortunate to attend Google IO. While there I went to "Void your Warranty" at San Fran TechShop. There I had my computer's shell lazer etched with an Android and the word "Stolen".


September 28th, 2012 Apple serviced my computer (in Seattle) for an issue with the desktop background image only being garbled. This was not a display issue. The work authorization stated to replace MLB and/ or ram needed. When I got back the computer my lazer etched shell was replaced. The shell was the the only item that was replaced. The problem still persists and now there are new issues.


I suspect the Apple tech took the clam shell and doctored justification. Anther odd fact is that one Apple store employee told me that they couldn't warrantee the shell because I had customized it.


My Google plus posting has an image https://plus.google...._stolen_android


After 4 hours on the phone Apple's position is to refuse to compensate me.


What options do I have?



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