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My Nexus 7 Won't stop talking


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I'm replying to my own topic as I'm not sure how the Forum system works.

Anyway, I found that if you can scroll etc if you pinch with two fingers and at the same time drag. This enables you to get into settings etc and turn off the talkback feature. Easy if you know how, but it took a lot of fiddling about.

The Nexus 7 is a great bit of kit, but needs a lot more development.

I now have another problem, so will start a new topic.

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Found an easier way to fix problem...but your method listed above led to this discovery...lol! I used a stylus and single clicked...apps to highlight...then double clicked...went to settings did same..accessiblitiy...single click to highlight...double click to inside menu...TURNED OFF TALK BACK!!! Whew! Highlight with single click where ever you want to go while in "talk back" mode then double click to open. Very tedious and frustrating to say the least!

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