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Nexus 7 turns off and difficult to restart


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I have found several times that in the evening when it's getting dark, the Nexus simply switches off.

It will restart once or twice, then refuses to start again and needs a long "rest" before you can re-activate it.

Seems to be connected with the Auto brightness control, but very annoying.


Secondly, this coincides with the Kindle and other apps also playing up.

As soon as I open Kindle, the book it shuts down and the Nexus shuts down at the same time, needing the same "rest" period before being able to turn on again.

Solution is to un-install the Kindle app and reinstall. It did the same thing with Google Stars, but I haven't reinstalled that yet.


I have a Kindle Fire which is limited in what it can do, but works immaculately.


The Nexus is full of bugs.

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I have noticed the same issue with the display switching off. It drives me insane. However, I have noticed that when I switch off automatic brightness, it doesn't happen as often. Interestingly enough, I have this same problem on my unlocked GSM Galaxy Nexus.


It seems as though this is the price we pay for being "beta testers"--er, Nexus owners. We're essentially the earliest test subjects for the new software, so we're bound to run into bugs.

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