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Galaxy III


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Honestly speaking, if you're giving a young teen a Galaxy SII, you're already the best mother on earth lol. The SII is a superb phone and I can't think of a single feature in the III that is better for your teenager than the II (unless all kids today have SIII and want to share photos via NFC?). I also don't think every kid needs an iPhone 5, iPad 3, and brand new Nike sneakers every year :).


Lots of teens are using budget phones and free blackberries, nevermind last season's flagship device :P.

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Redemption, I can get the III for $199 or the Galaxy II for free. We are switching right now our services, which is why we're going either Iphones or Galaxy :)


My oldest is very responsible so I"m all for him getting the phone he wants. He is really into this Galaxy III but the Galaxy II is free right now.. so I'm not sure what the 'big differences' are in the two.


Reading it, it doesn't sound like they are that different.. unless you all have a III and can share videos and photos immediately.. which is useless in reality.

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