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First time app developers unite


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Hello all,

This is not intended as advertising but more as suggestion on how first time app developers can help each other out. This topic has the purpose to no only help new developers, but also a chance to get experienced developers to have a helping hand in setting up future appeneurs.


As much as I would love to generate this topic here I believe that along the road it would become to clustered and hard to find information.


Here is my proposed idea:

- Blog created whereas first time developers can share their success, frustration as they venture from theory to practice - from book to posting an app on google play!

- Blog created for experienced developers to tell us along the road things that have worked for them and show us some of their work and explain how they made it happened!


I apologize in advance if this is not a type of post I should be putting in a forum, and if notified will not to this again - I am really just starting out


Daniel de Moraes


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Hi Daniel,


I like the way u wrote about developers to share there experience and knowledge with the newbie in App Development,

A blog will be really helpful to those who are still strugling as well as who are on the road in same field..

and it is a good idea to make them experience through your experience :) keep writing



Zoya Bennet


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