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Error Notification of Unknown Origin


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Hi folx. First post.

I've been getting this weird notification, which, upon tapping, presents me with some registration box prompting me for email address and password. There is no title or label on the box indicating what app or service it came from but the email field is pre-filled with one of my email addressed. I tried entering in every conceivable email and password combination I've got in order, by method of elimination, to try and figure out what it belongs to but every time, after a brief progress spinner with the message Authenticating..., it says: The password is not correct. Please try again.


I contacted both the manufacturer and the carrier and neither recognized this box. The possibility of it being some a phishing thing occurred to me but then, I haven't downloaded apps from any questionable sources, where I potentially could've caught something. After I clear the notification it reappears a while later. I haven't managed to get the pattern down.

I'll try to provide as much information as possible. Hope it helps.Currently I have the following services/service-based apps on my phone that require a sign-in. Most are a combination of username and password as opposed to email and password. Moreover, I'm successfully logged in to each and every one, so there are no sign-in errors for any of them to notify me of:


I can't imagine the following info being of any help but here's a list of apps that came pre-installed on my phone:Here's a list of apps that I custom-installed:

Lastly, here's the list of apps in my library that were removed/canceled:Thank you so much for any help.
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