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Best Android Phone for up tp 150$ ?


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Hi all, I'm looking for a decent android phone priced up to 150$

(maybe slightly more, but I'd really like to stay within these budget borders).


I need it for pretty simple purposes:

Syncing with my Gmail, Google Calendar, some use of Google Maps, music playing and also some internet browsing.


Good video support and display would be very nice to but it's a lower priority.

I can also spare a good camera feature, I'm not in dire need of one.


other than that:

1) I figured it's best to get a widely spread device so I can easily find info,apps etc on the internet for it.

2) I also think it's best if it can have a new version of android (starting from 4.0) since It will obviously support more stuff


But that's just what my instincts tell me :)


EDIT: It also gotta have a SD slot.



Thanks in advance, ZBBZ.

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