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Anyone into Kayaking?


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Hey ya'll!

So last night after a jam session at my buddies house I finally took the plunge and bought myself a kayak and along with that I ended up getting myself a roof rack for my very small car to tow it on. I still need to buy a paddle, PFD (Personal Flotation Device), and a rack of some sort to store the kayak on when it is not attached to my car lol!


About 7 years ago I was dating this chick whom her grandparents lived out near the Au Sable River in Michigan and we would go up north to Tawas, MI pretty much every few months like clockwork to visit them and her grandfather actually got me into kayaking. He took me out a few times onto Tawas Bay and then for family trips/outings we would head down to the Au Sable and spend the whole day doing a float-down and site seeing. Sadly to say that a few years ago things stopped working out between myself and this chicka and it left me with out a way to kayak. So.. I got one!


I bought an Old Town Loon 111 Kayak. It is about 11ft long and looks like it is going to have an incredible amount of space to put stuff in front and behind of me. The main reason this is important to me, I plan on doing some kayaking/camping trips. So I should have one heck of a Spring/Summer this year and not spend so much time sitting around the house being a hermit.


Anyone else like kayaking? Good/Bad experiences?


I also plan on mounting my GoPro Camera somehow to the Kayak so I can record some of my journeys. I

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I Stand-Up Paddleboard. Its a bit like kayaking except falling in the water is a fun thing lol. I bought my own 12' board this past summer.


Also, I've see those GoPro cameras. I mentor a FIRST Robotics team (#2363, Triple Helix) and I keep thinking how awesome it would be if they mounted one of them on their robot.

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