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How To Use Photo Sphere For Android Phone Which Not On Android 4.2


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As we know Google released its Android 4.2 (jelly bean)on its official blog Oct 30,2012.Most of you must be impressed with the Android 4.2 new features.But what’s a pity is that We can’t update to the latest Android version,.One reason is the configuration requirements,some Android phone can run on Android 4.2 perfectly, which means it can’t perform some features or can’t perform well.For some phone manufacture reason, we have to wait.




Now there is a good news, we can use the Photo Sphere on different Android versions.Let's first see a YouTube video about how Photo Sphere work


(since it does allow to post YouTube video here to watch directly,you guys can search on YouTube, or just click the words to watch the video.



You must be totally interested in this. So do you want to have a try?If so,follow me.Before action, I suggest guys who get the root experience try this and remember back up your data.After this,follow the tips and tricks:


1 Download the camera42_patched_v2.zip and transfer it to your SD card on your Android phone.


2 Go to “Recovery”(for Samsung Android phone),like the way you root your phone, you need to root camera42_patched_v2.zip into the phone.


3 Restart your phone.The camera may have the FC(force close) problem after restart, but it will be okay for the second time.Now you can enjoy the Photo Sphere features to take what you want around you.






For the camera42_patched_v2.zip download information,you are supposed to visit Photo Sphere For Android Phone

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