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What's a trusted site for used androids?


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Oh GOD yes. I couldn't believe the price on refurbished phones on there!! Charging the same price as a new phone, since it's just as new-ish. I bought one with a new contract for cheap ($45 for a Fascinate, woo!) and Psywar talked me into rooting it. Except there was an error while I was doing a very simple rooting method and it messed it up, giving me no root access or connection to the internet at all. He helps me out by finding a way to unroot it...aaaand there was an error while UNrooting it as well lol. I find out people were having the same problem as me on some forums with the Fascinate, which more or less bricks the phone, unless you want a pda. So that's when I bought my Droid X from my buddy. Good times! And now Psywar still loves to poke fun at me as the only guy he knows that bricked a phone using a one step root method. Go me!

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