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google storing wifi data


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I had a strange thing happen that would suggest google stored passwords for my wifi networks at home and work. I had a sprint android device which I connected to my home and work wifi network and saved the password on the device. I switched carriers to verizon and ordered a new samsung galaxy stellar (android). After I logged in using my gmail account, my phone downloaded my contacts from gmail as I expected but when I went home later that evening, my phone showed that it had connected to wifi. I thought it connected to my neighbors guest network but when I checked it had connected to my wpa2 aes password protected access point and connected to the internet. At no point did I enter my wifi password into my new phone. I looked at the wifi settings in my phone and noticed that it had old wifi network ssid's that i had connected to using my old phone but have never been in range of while using my new phone. The only way this could have happened is my password and wifi ssid information was stored in my google mail account. I looked for an option in my phone to turn off storing wifi data but found nothing. This seems like a breach of privacy to me. Let me know if anyone else has had this happen to them.

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