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usb memory stick not recognised


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until recently my Galaxy Tab 8.9 (GT-P7300) would happily recognise a usb memory stick connected via the Samsung OTG usb connector, it wold launch the MyFiles app and I could read, write, transfer files


one morning - nothing, no response, I tried reformatting a stick to FAT32, tried various sticks, but still no recognition from my tab


I have searched various forums and tried to access technical support from Samsung (very nearly impossible and no response as yet!!), but not come up with any help or explanation


I can transfer files via Kies and Dropbox, but don't always have access to a PC, for example I might want to transfer some digital photos from my camera or share some files with another person etc...


any ideas please, could be a fault in the connector, but that seems unlikely, it is frustrating and quite inconvemient

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I have found an alternative transfer method - no wires! I now use an app called Wi-Fi File Transfer, free and pro versions available on the Play store.


It links to your computer through your wireless wi-fi network (assuming your tablet is connected to you wi-fi) and gives you a URL to enter into the address bar of your browser (on your computer). Then from your computer you can access any file on your tablet - delete it, download it - and transfer files and folders from your computer onto the tablet - its great, very easy and convenient to use.


Hope that helps...

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