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help ASAP- buying rooted used GS2 today


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Hey, I'm new on here so all apologies for repeats or any other mistakes...

I'm probably buying a used (7mo old) AT&T GS2 today that is rooted and unlocked, it's $185, I know absolutely nothing about rooted phones, i emphasize nothing lol, is there anything i need to look for specifically, what questions should I ask the seller? I'm buying it to put on straight talks service and will test it with an already active ST sim card to make sure it works before handing over the cash but are there any big "no-no's" or problems that can rise from purchasing an already rooted phone or something that could be wrong with it that an un-technological person like me may not realize until its too late?

Please any help asap would be awesome again i know nothing about rooted phones

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