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Drawing without lag


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I own a GridPad tablet from about 1989 that has an NEC V20 processor (16mhz). It runs a version of Windows 3.x for use with pen input or the GEOS operating environment. If I use a drawing program with this device I can drawn on the screen with the stylus, with no lag. If I want to use it like a notepad to take handwritten notes, I can actually do that because I don't have to wait a half second for it to finish painting what I just wrote to make sure the top of my T is in the right place.


I also have a few different Android based phones and tablets which I have for testing applications we develop. But on these devices, even ones with dual core 1 ghz processors, if I use a drawing program to take notes, I experience lag in my drawing. I draw the vertical portion of a T and I have to wait for it to catch up so I can see where to draw the horizontal portion.


Does anyone know powerful a machine has to be in order for the drawing to not lag behind? Can anyone explain why it is lagging behind? It just seems odd to me that a device with z processor 62 times as fast as something running Windows 3.x can't provide the same level of user interface.

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