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Best Facebook app (for widgets)

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Jack was asking about the best Twitter app so I thought I would ask what everyone's favorite Facebook app is? The Facebook app is great, but the only issue I have with it is that the widget stinks. It looks good, but it barely brings in 1/8 of the updates from my newsfeed. I missed my DROID X because it had Motorola's Social widget that worked great. Anyone know of any other Facebook apps that have a good widget that actually shows all updates?

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Not a big Facebook user but I use Friendcaster for my phone and FaceDrioid on my tablets. Friendcaster will give you a great looking transparent widget that can refresh on command or in set intervals. You will get all updates with this app and have the option of light and dark themes for the app. You also get the option to sync with your contacts and can set HD profile pics for your contact images unlike the crappy looking ones in the ICS people app. Free and worth checking out for sure.


FaceDroid for tablets is good. Probably one of the better looking UI's also. It's on sale right now for $1.50 too.

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