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SD card not being recognized, but can be externally


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Okay, so last week my phone stopped recognizing my sd card. I popped it into an external adapter and lo and behold, my files were there, no error messages or anything. So I got a new phone, because the old one had other things glitching out of control anyway. So I put my sd in this phone .. it acts like it's preparing my stuff, then it says "SD removed" and thats it. On my previous phone, it said "SD full or damaged" but now it's just telling me the "SD has been removed" after putting it back in my new phone. I've tried the fastboot loader thing with plugging up the usb and etc but all it does once i typed in the command, was said it's waiting on my device, and just sits there. I can't format obviously, because it's not being detected from my phone. I'm NOT ROOTED, so I can't get the issue resolved like i've seen done by other posters from diff websites. I have no idea what to do and have been running in circles for days now. Anyone have suggestions as to what I can try?


GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!

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