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Rooting to get access to tethering


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Hi Can anyone help please?


I have an HTC Sensation and an IPAD. The Sensation is connected to UK Orange and I have a databundle on that contract. I can connect the two together but I can't access the data.

I have done a bit of digging around and it seems that Orange are now the only ones who don't allow tethering. All otheres including Vodaphone now allow. If this is the case surely rooting and adding tethering software is the way to go? Can anyone confirm?


I assume I will need to Root and put on some tethering software. The question I am asking is what is the minimum I can do to achieve this. I am not bothered about adding new ROM's etc. Unless there is a good reason. So what are the minimum steps and what software/instructions would anyone reccomend


Thanks very much

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I believe S-Off is Full Root. What you want to be able to do is allow your phone to give you access to Superuser.

You can download the app I think it is free. Wireless Tether needs Superuser access in order for the application to run.


My WiFi Tether Program is just called Wireless Tether.


The huge benefit of rooting your phone and installing a ROM is that "normally" the ROM you put on your phone will have Wireless Tether App built right in.

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