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Android Car Stereo on e-Bay is it upgradable???


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I am thinking of buying an Android car stereo that I seen on e-Bay with a removable tablet running Android 2.3 with a 1ghz processor. I am curious if anyone has messed with these and if they can be upgraded to ICS or jellybean. I KNOW they can be by someone with the right knowledge but I don't know how I would begin to do something like that. This is the unit I am talking about, it is a Erisin ES7035A http://www.erisin.com/erisin-es7035a-7-hd-car-dvd-gps-android-mid-pad-tablet_p366.html There is another Android 4.0 stereo on e-bay that looks very similar but the screen is NON removable. Removable is better for me to be able to upgrade, load media, etc.


This Erisin is basically a Android 2.3 stereo with the tablet removable which I think is pretty cool. they have a video of them playing with it and playing Angry birds etc. I think this could be an awesome car stereo especially if it can be upgraded with the latest Google Maps, etc. I am even thinking of installing Motocast and streaming content, etc.


Any thoughts???

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