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Best bluetooth headset for Android


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I bought a bluetooth handsfree kit for my car stereo some time ago but it's too cumbersome for me, so i want to sell it and get myself a headset.


The features i am looking for are:

°It has to look good

°Integrate with google now/google search (being able to press a button and say call someone, or ask questions like, what time is it) i hate the voice recognition that comes with some of them, and i like how google now works

°Decent call quality

°Music listening


°PC compatible (but i think they all are)




I liked the BlueAnt q2 and the Jawbone Era, they both look good and has a good sound quality, but i don't know if they are compatible with the google now/search feature

Do you have any suggestions? Maybe you have one of the above ones?

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