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HUAWEI ASCEND Y200 - Remove pre-installed apps [Root Explorer] ***ROOT Required***


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Hi everyone! This is my first topic here.

I was searching on google for days but couldn't find anything about how to remove pre-installed, unnecessarry apps like Google+, Streams, Maps, YouTube from Ascend Y200.

These apps are in the system memory, and cannot be moved to SD-card (because they are system apps).


I tried to move or uninstall these with Titanium Backup, but I got an error: Failed to locate apk. That means, these apps are in a different folder from /system/app.


I downloaded Root Explorer and started browsing the system files, and found the solution.


***Your phone needs to be rooted to do these steps***

***I am not responsable for any system damage or brick. Do it carefully, and know what you are doing!***

  1. With Root Explorer, go to /data/dataapp and look for the apps, what you want to uninstall. Match icons with filenames.
  2. Navigate to "custom" folder. I live in Europe so for me, it's /cust/normal/europe. But in USA, I think it's /cust/nomral/us or something like that. You should see these folders: app, email, lib, logo, media, ons, prop, xml (These are for me...)
  3. Now mount R/W, go to "xml" folder and backup APKInstallList.txt file. (Copy it and paste to same path. You should get an APKInstallList - Copy.txt)
  4. Open the original APKInstallList.txt in text editor. You can see there are the separated system apps' path. Delete the path lines of the apks, what you don't want to use, or you want to reinstall from Google Play. Save the file and exit.
  5. Turn off Quick Boot in Settings>Applications>Quick Boot. Reboot your phone.
  6. After reboot, you can see, the icons are still in the menu. Tap the icon to make it disappear.


Now you can reinstall YouTube, Maps, Google+ from Google Play, and now they gonna be stored on SD card as user apps.



You can look for other system apps in /system/app but they can be removed with Titanium Backup.


Hope it worked, thank for reading!


If you have any issues, report to me!!


Oh, and sorry for my english. I'm from Hungary :)

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