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Rooted and Flashed my Galaxy SIII with CyanogenMod


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Hey there. I got a Galaxy SIII in June 2012 and the other day decided to root so I can get rid of ads and add a load of features to the phone in which I couldn't do before. I also I didn't want the stock firmware from Samsung as I was getting annoyed with the way it didn't feel like it should!


I must say I have been missing out! CyanogenMod is awesome, I would recommend anyone to do what I did to get the best out of their handset. It's so easy too.

There's so much more customisation options - it's how android was meant to be! It's now more like how the Nexus 7 looks and feels which is pure Jelly Bean.


Check out these links if you're interested in doing it:


Reasons to root




How to root




How to unroot (yes, you can absolutely do this)




How to install Custom ROMs


http://reviews.cnet....xy-s3-50009399/ ****NOTE**** make sure you have ROM Manager installed so you can boot into ClockworkMod Recovery mode. Get it from the Play Store here


Anyway how do you guys feel about of rooting and installing custom ROMs? What benefits have you noticed from doing so? Would be interesting to hear other people's stories.

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