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USB Camera Support For Tablet


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Hi all!


I'm an interested person in emdbedded systems. Nowadays, I'm trying to learn Android. However I've stucked in my first try. I was working on a test project about processing video to detect motion (I'm also interested in image processing projects). In the middle of searching types of platforms, I've discovered very-mini and powerful android PC's. I've bought an OEM Android tablet pc without integrated camera. And my problem started.


I'm trying to connect a USB web cam to my Android PC. It has ICS on it and supports USB Host mode. When I conenct my pendrives it automatically recognizes and I can surf in my folders using my tablet. However it did not recognize my webcam.


I've made a kind of search in google and I found something called "V4L" or "V4L2". I think this is the driver that I need. However I have no idea about integrating drivers to kernel or compiling a new kernel or how to flash my tablets nand memory.


I've found this link but I couldn't install the driver. Because I do not know how to integrate it.



Waiting for your replies. Where should I start, what should I search and where should I start to search?


Thank you very much.

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I am having the same problem, I have search the web and got no answer. My tablet is A20 AllWinner with JellyBean 4.2.2, i have read that mine does support V4L2 because it has 2 camera built in, but i need to connect my USB endoscope camera, I am new to Andriod but a quick learn, not sure why it won't just work

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