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WiFi Password Retrieval


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I lost my work WiFi password. I have it stored on my Android and my iPod Touch.

Does anyone know how to retrieve password stored in any of these devices?

I feel a tad unethical bringing my laptop into work and using BackTrack 5 and doing Pentesting on our system.


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This is perhaps scarily easy :ph34r:

  • Open up a file explorer (my fave is Root Explorer)
  • Navigate to /data/misc/wifi
  • Open wpa_supplicant.conf (Might be bcm_supp.conf on some Samsungs)

There they are in plain text.


Note: This should only work on rooted devices, so maybe not too scary. Root responsibly!

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Hrmm.. I did not have any luck with this Jim.


First off I do not have a /data/misc/wifi folder.

I had to go to /system/etc/wifi


I found the wpa_supplicant.conf file I opened it using an HTML viewer (maybe this is what I did wrong?)

I got nothing password worthy.


What are you using to open the file.

Here are my images I did a screenshot.




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