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Which cleaning app are you using?

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hi guys, which cleaning app are u using?


I'm currently using clean master, seems a good all-in-one cleaner app, it can clean cache, residual files generated by system and other apps, history as well as privacy. anyone heard of it?


Also i'm a beta tester of Clean Master, anyone wanna join?


The latest beta version: hxxp://dl.ksmobile.net/cleanmaster-beta.apk


Feel free to let me know what you think and i will pass it to the developer.



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The app is awesome. I have been using the app on all my android devices. But I recently read a article on the android operating system and they expalined how the android os works and that there is no need to have a "task killer/cache cleaner or optimizer." I am still on the fence about this because while using Cleam Master i really couldnt tell a difference in the performace of my phone.


Any advice and help would be appreciated!!!


By the way the CM browser is extremly bad ass!!! Good work!

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Well, I don't believe in cleaning up my device by installing multiple apps, I was looking for an application which can perform a number of activities like  cleaning up the device trash, cleaning the RAM, help me in saving power, it should also make sure that my device doesn't gets infected by viruses .... ! 

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Well, I actually got one application that can carry out all of your jobs at once ! try using 360 antivirus love it actually it cleans the RAM, Clears the junk file, scan for viruses, blacklist the caller, track the device .... and the best thing out of all it is available for free with no annoying ads. I would say giving it a shot worth ! 

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