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Very slow contact search on ICS 4.0 after adding Exchange Mail


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I bought this new phone which has ICS on it. It's the raw version of ICS without any changes. Everything is good except for the fact that the search in the contact has become very slow since the time I have added my corporate mail through exchange.


If I look for any name, it starts searching the name in my exchange mail contact list as well and displays the result with the exchange contact details also if there is any. This makes it mandatory for me to be connected to the net if I have to search within the contact list.


I have disabled synching of mail for exchange contact list and I have removed Mail for Exchange from the Display list of the contact tab too. It still searches in my corporate account and if there is name, it displays the details too include VoIP number, email ID etc. Is there anyway I can restrict the search to the entries in the internal phone memory only ?

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