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Best keyboard with auto correct similar to iPhone?


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Hi all, I just got the Galaxy S3 switching from having an iPhone since the first one came out. I know the iPhone auto correct can be a pain but I find I'm having issues with the android keyboard. I think the Samsung one is terrible, so I tried SwiftKey but don't really like it, but not sure the best settings on it to use. I'm also using the Jellybean keyboard app as I was using my friends Nexus Galaxy and prefer the stock keyboard.


The issue I'm having though is worth words that the iPhone would have for sure corrected. For example, I'll type blue but mistakenly write nlue, with the n being right beside the B on the keyboard, but it will keep it as nlue. To me that should be a super easy one, since nlue isn't even a word and the B is right beside the N. It seems to do that on the Jellybean keyboard and Swift Key as well.


I'm just not sure the best settings for auto correct on Swift Key would be, or if there's a better one. I have it set to typing style rapid, that I rely on auto correct but it just seems not that good. Another issue I have with it is the iPhone is very good at adding spaces, so you could type a word wrong, press space but miss it, and then type another word wrong, and it still is able to split those into the 2 proper words. I find with the android keyboards it just keeps it as one big misspelled word. I prefer how android though undoes the autocorrect by hitting back space which is awesome, but just wondering if there's better settings. I don't really want SwiftKey to predict words as I find that weird, I just want it to autocorrect typos like nlue being blue etc, and I want to be able to still press space twice for a period out of habit.


Are there better settings I can use, or a better keyboard anyone would suggest? It's not terrible its just weird how it does it sometimes, words that seem so obvious. Another example it did was I wrote winter but typed einter by mistake and it left it at that, even tapping it for suggestions didn't have winter as one which is weird. Thanks!!!

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I was in a similar situation, went from iPhone 4S to Galaxy S3. The best one I've found so far that works similarly to iPhone autocorrect is Perfect Keyboard. So far I'm only using the free version, and it's waaaay better at autocorrect than the stock Samsung or Swype. Have not tried the paid version yet, and so far it doesn't look like I need any of those features.

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