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app that can take voice notes while listening to audio

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I am looking for an app that can take voice notes while I am listening to an audio. It would also be nice if it could leave taggs on the audio, and even nicer if it could copy sections of the audio.


Basically this would let me listen to book and podcasts, take vocal notes on them and mark the time indexes so I can go back and compile the good parts. It would also be nice to be able to pause the audio with my voice.


I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work, and it's a pain to have to get out my phone, pause, take notes, and replay. I want to be able to do it with voice commands.


Thank in advance for yalls advice.





P.S. also looking for a recording app that I can make notes in mp3 and compile them. That way I could read articles into my phone, and then easily compile them into a long file, or a file with tracks for each segment would be even better. Right now I am using audacity, but i have to convert into audacity (takes forrever) then cut and past manually info one file (takes forrever).


There must be a way to just take a bunch of files, put them in order, and have them melded into one.

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