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I'm a bit confused here. I'm about to buy a tablet which is a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 that has 7.0 inches screen (the price in my country is about 365 USD). I haven't owned any tablet. I only own a smartphone which is a BlackBerry Curve 8900. So this is going to be my first tablet. I'm planning to use this tablet mostly for browsing webs, taking journals (such as notes, agendas, reminders, calendars, etc.), and doing other activities such as using social medias (such as Path, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), checking e-mails, watching movies, listening musics, making video calls, taking photos, etc. For me, 7.0 inches is an absolute perfect size for some of those uses. It is not too big and it is not too small either. On the other hand, I've been thinking to change my smartphone also. Because at some point BlackBerry is dead, isn't it? If I buy this tablet, of course I have to spend my money for another smartphone, which is not going to be an expensive one (the budget is below 250 USD).


From another point of view, there's a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 (the price in my country is about 570 USD) which people call it tablet (smartphone + tablet). At some point, Samsung Galaxy Note 1's specifications is outdated (because of the rise of a Samsung Galaxy Note 2). But at some other point, this tablet's specifications are simply enough for me. I like this tablet because of the stylus (Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches has no stylus) and the back and front cameras (which have higher resolutions than Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches). The rest of its specifications are almost the same with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches that I want. If I buy this phablet, I think I shouldn't buy another smartphone to replace my BlackBerry (because I can use it as a smartphone or a tablet). But according to the size, it has a confusing size. It's too smal for a tablet and it's too big for a smartphone.


Therefore, I need your advice for which gadget should I buy. I'm a common person that has no high knowledge about technology these days. Should I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 inches with an other inexpensive smartphone or a Samsung Galaxy Note 1? I have a restricted budget, that's why I pick those gadgets as my options.


Pardon me for my bad english :P

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It's all up to your preference. For me I really enjoy having a touch screen smartphone and I can do everything a tablet can do despite the smaller size. I personally think a Note is too big as a phone and too small for a tablet however you may think differently than me. It sounds like what you will be doing will be using the full potential of the Note so perhaps that's a good choice. However getting a tablet may help you greatly with visibility when it comes to viewing websites and videos/movies.

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