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Typing options on Galaxy S3


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[Running Android 4.1.2 on a Galaxy S3 LTE]


Not being the greatest typist on virtual keyboards (a combination of fat fingers and impatience), I used to find on my old S2 that when I typed a message, the predictive text would highlight what it thought was the word I was typing in blue and, if I continued typing, it would use that word.


However, on my S3 this option doesn't appear to be available - if I misspell a word I have to manually select the highlighted blue word, otherwise it'll use the word exactly as I've typed it. I've had an amble through the options and can't find anything which might allow me to change this setting.


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Trent!


I recommend my app: TypeSmart Keyboard. It has features you won't find in any other keyboard, like two-word predictions and a swipe-to-open full 5-row layout. Try the trial version for 30 days, free. The paid version is only $1.99 for a limited time.


Check out



I'd love to hear what you think of TypeSmart after you try it.





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