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Must I use tigertext for this hospice?

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We are looking to put our Dad in a hospice care facility in New York.

We have looked at several in the area, and there is one that we really like, nice size, very clean and comfortable and good patient caretaker ratio.

He has a very hard time talking, so he mostly communicates with me and his doctors by cell phone text messaging. The hospice care that we really like, said that while staying at their facility, he can text but he would have to use a special HIPAA compliant text messaging app called Tigertext.

I have signed a lot of these HIPAA confidential information forms, so I think it is that there are laws to protect a patient’s info, but how is text messaging a problem?

They would give us this Tigertext app, it's part of the care package, but do they have the right to force it on us?

They said it works just like text messaging, but is that true?

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