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Cannot get voice search on my Android 2.3.5 Tablet


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I have a cheap Android 2.3.5 tablet that is the interface of a car stereo I just bought. It runs some kind of slightly customized Android software I guess. My issue is that it does NOT have the microphone for voice input like other Android devices like my phone. I went to a Google website that had "Voice Actions" but when I tried to get it it said not supported on your device even though the website said I need 2.2 Froyo or higher. I have 2.3.5 so I assume it could work. Is there an older version or something out there? I cannot upgrade this OS since this tablet is part of a car stereo and it would likely ruin the connection. Besides this issue I cannot see any difference using this tablet vs. any other decent cheap one.



Any ideas how to get voice search loaded? P.S. This is NOT Google Voice but the voice search.

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As I said this is NOT a phone. It is a tablet of unknown origin that is a interface to a car stereo. It never came with Google voice installed.


UPDATE: I did get this resolved. I found the "Voice Search" APK file on one of the usenet servers and installed it from my SD card. Problem solved. This car Android stereo is pretty cool. The hardest part is NOT checking your e-mail or FaceBook at 70mph while listening to Pandora or the Sirius app.

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