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Problems with Fusion tablet


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Ive recently purchased a Fusion Premium + tablet with Jelly Bean - am having trouble seeing

certain apps in Google play - examples include Memory-Map charting software, MX Mariner. In

google play it comes up as my device is incompatible or sometimes i cant see the app. If i

access via a web browser it suggests that my Rockchip 9706 device/tablet is incompatible. Ive

checked with the developers and they believe their apps will work with my device (standard java).

I emailed google and they simply stated that my device isnt supported on google play and that i

need to go back to the manufacturer. The manufacturer must have a helpdesk in India - so ive

got nowhere there. Can anyone help - is there a "config" change that will allow me to fool google

play into thinking my Fusion is something else and therefore allow me to download what i like ?

If anyone can help id be really grateful


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