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[Vid] Demo of Ubuntu running on Android


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This does look sexy. I am a big fan of Ubuntu.

I find it funny that you need a dual core to run it. But it will run on laptops and desktops over 10+ years old decently well.


I tried that Backtrack install on my HTC Evo and I was not too impressed with running an operating system on my phone.. Too small or something..

I just did not find it useful.. I could see running it on a tablet though.


Your name sound familiar to me. Are you from OCC?

I feel like I have talked to you some how in the past.

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If possible, I'll probably check this out on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 first. I have a spare monitor at work so it'd be pretty nice to be able to dock my tab :D I also wonder how it'll handle widgets and such.


I think I have an account on OCC but I don't actively post. I'm a developer for Neoseeker, so you've probably seen my name come up here and there as I've done some work on TA and OCC in the past.

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