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Open *.URL Files with Browsers


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If this is the wrong forum, I apologize - feel free to redirect my post then.


From Using PCs I've come the the conclusion of syncing bookmarks by simply saving them as files to a folder hierarchy on google.docs skydrive - wherever.

Maping the drive, clicking on the *.URL file always did the job ... opening the url.


Well - this does not work using android ... there seems to be "no app for the desired action" (sorry - I'm no native english speaker and this is the reverse translation from german to english)


My research pointed me towards *manifest* files. Chrome/Mozilla/??? browser-apps need to register for *.URL files and should be capable of handling the files contents.

This is why I'm posting this request to the developers section...


As I don't think it's possible to persuade google/mozilla/whoever to implement handlers for *URL files, I would like to ask if it's maybe possible to create some "redirection" app.

- Maybe you already know of such app?

- Maybe there are already examples of how handlers may be implemented to redirect content to other apps or to call (browser)apps using specific parameters?


Btw.: This is no request to be forwared to some other "you can sync your bookmarks by using our online service"

I'd simlply like to open *.URL files using any installed browser on my tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1)


Thanks in advance for any answer.

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