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galaxy s2 skyrocket issue


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I have a galaxy s2 skyrocket I picked up used a couple weeks ago. I use straight talk so I wasnt going to get one new. Yesterday out of nowhere it turned off and started vibrating every 2 seconds. It turned back on after a couple minutes then did it again. Since then it hasnt come back on. If I pull the battery and put it back in it will go the samsung screen then goes blank after a couple seconds then starts vibrating. It will vibrate until I pull the battery or until the battery dies. If I hook it up to charge it just vibrates right away. I cant do a hard reset and the computer doesnt detect it. I have read that quite a few people have had this issue on other sites but I havent seen any fixes for it other than getting a new phone. Does anyone know of a fix for this yet? This disgusts me since I have only had the phone for about 3 weeks and I was really liking it. Thanks

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