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Samsung Galaxy S3 or HTC one SV


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Hello, so heres what I needed help with. I'm basically just looking for advice on a new phone. I'm finally replacing my phone (so old its running android 2.1) Anyways the two phones I can choose between are the Glaxy s3 and the One SV. I know that they aren't quite in the same category but the price difference is only a hundred (my carrier is cricket, so no contracts $279 for the HTC and $379 for the samsung). Anyways I just wanted to know a few things in them.

1. I know the Galaxy S3 has a slightly better processer and a lot more ram. How much of a difference will that really be? ie for general aps, games etc.

2. How much better will the Galaxy's Display actually be?

3. I have pretty small hands so will the Galaxy be a pain to use on a day to day basis?


Sorry for such a long post, anyways anyone with answers would be a total savior.


Thanks all


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