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Tablet - ICS wifi problem


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I have two android dvices. One is a Lenovo Thinkpad tableticon1.png which came with Gingergread. I started having an issue with the home network wifi not hooking up. It would go through authenticating, searching, and then go back to not connected. I was able to upgrade the tablet to Ice Cream sandwich and everything worked great. Now, about two weeks later I am having the same problem. The exact same scenario with my Galaxy phone through T-Mobile. It is a SGH-T769. I have double checked and one HP Windows computericon1.png in the house that is working just fine. I have checked some other forums which talk about the problem but no clear solution. I want to avoid the factory reset solution for two reasons. One, it is a pain, and two, I am not convinced that in two weeks the same thing will not happen again. Does anyone know of an answer to this problem?



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