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Flash application on Kindle Fire


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There is a fantastic flash based application for language learning at the Defense Language Institute located here. http://hs2.lingnet.org/msa.html


There is both an online and a download version.


On the download version on a PC, you have to go into the Flash Global Settings and set the directory where the app resides as a trusted site.


This would be a fanstastic app to get running on the my Kindle Fire or any other Android device. I have copied it to the tablet.


Would anyone have a suggestion to get it working?


** I am using the Opera browser and Flash is enabled under the Settings menu.

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@Danny1234 - On the Kindle, the Silk browser that comes with it is locked down. It won't let you get to the sdmemory. So, I downloaded the Opera browser and was able to navigate to html files I had placed on the device. I have used some html5 apps successfully.


However the language app I mention above used flash heavily including using the microphone and camera if available. You have to add the application website or local directory as a trusted site on the global settings in flash.


I can't get anything to work on the Kindle in Opera and don't find any way to set trusted sites in flash on the Kindle.


If there are other browser choices I should try, please let me know

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