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Android smartphones, half our half google


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I am new with the smart phones...


but i am SCARED with how deep in the system is google in when talking about collecting user's




i know the build the OS but.. God!

accidentally entered to my gmail account from a desktop pc and i diggin between options i fund my phone IMEI, my contacts my VERY PERSONAL calendar/event reminders and lot of extra info...


WHEN did the phone uploaded all that stuff to the internet?


and WHY?


why would i want to share my contacts whit someone else? why i would like to have my reminders in the internet?


why if automatic sync is disable... if ai accidentally clik sync even being disabled why does it upload all the info, WHY it doesnt even show a "stop sync" or "cancel upload" button to know hen my phone is broadcasting all my stuff?


i recently had a discusion in a nother forum about android.... and this is an extra for me to make me go to IOS 9even when i hated ios).... my first issue with this phone was to encounter that i was unable to record a call, i was unable to record the built in radio... i am dealing with thesae last mentioned issues...



but the privacy stuff... i cant deal with that


what is that is this a part of a post 9-11 very silent plan to track everybodys life.. being cheated by sweat colorfoul phones so they can ctch someone? what are they looking for with this and wiht the mind washed assuming this is ok?



sorry i am bad with the english its just this makes me really scared with this... and yes i am kind of paranoid with security stuffs...



by the way, couple of questions:

1-why is google account the default location to store contacts? how do i change it to the phone and to STAY in the phone?


2-if i have a ringtone stored in the sdcard and the phone is connected via USB, i knwo the rigtone "cant" ring because the card is being used.... THEN, WHY the "SMART"phone does not switch to any factory ringtone and when the phone is disconected from USB switch back to the personalized rigtone, instead of missed calls, messages, events becuse thesdcard where the ringtone is, is being used, why? any modern dumbphone does it


3-why the calendar doesnt give me the options to use Sunday as the first day? and why i would want to have monday as first day if all the others calendars surrounding me shows Sunday?


4-why there is not a password WHEN i start up the phone instead entering everytime the screen goes off the most you have to enter the password the less secure is, in a public place who uses the phone enters the pasword or pattenr in average 8 times in a n hour (dont ask me wher i got hat data, but i have it), what are the chances that ANYBODY can view simple finger traces over your screen (only have to watch how you move you fingers)and how many people restart the phone in an average place? compared with unlcking the screen? then how many chances to reveal phone stat up pasword ? almost none.


sorry again i am just little bit upset with this, those phones are life/time consuming and if you dont they share whith the whole word your private data, many could find it OK, many others like me dont like it.


5-what is this: (check image)

why there is not associated information regarding that icon?


6-and again? is there any way to remove my IMEI and my CARRIER info from my gmail account?


7-and WHY an app called "google settings" keep installing it to my phone without asking me? why it install in such a that way like if it were a forced option? WHY, and what is that app for?


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