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Sprint EVO 3D with 1.5 Hboot


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I currently have S-Off 1.5 Hboot on my Sprint Evo 3D with 2.17.651.5 HTC Software Release. I am having problems rooting the phone using the Revolutionary rooting method. When I run Revolutionary.exe, I get an error message that says my "Shooter" is not supported at this time. Also, when I try and follow your instructions via cmd command propt, I can't seem to access the "rootevo3dnew" zip file I downloaded from "HTCEVOHACKS website. Please help!!!

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Here is a video: http://htcevohacks.com/htc-evo-3d-hacks/how-to-root-evo-3d-2-08-651-2-and-later-htc-unlock-method/


This is an XDA link: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=22489271#post22489271


This thread shows many options/ways to root your phone. I would suggest reading them all and then chose a method and then re-read that method again.

Then try it.


I don't have an Evo 3D so I cannot really assist you. I tried searching for the problem you were having and I came up with nothing.

So just start over from the beginning again and work your way through it.

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