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How to play MKV, AVI videos on Samsung galaxy s4


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Samsung now hasn't yet announced pricing or specific release info, but it says that the handset will ship globally beginning in Q2, 2013.  If you are going to get one and like watch videos on smartphone, Then I am sure that you can't miss this. 


Tips about How to play MKV, AVI videos on Samsung galaxy s4


1.  Download a video player on your phone

Download a video player on Samsung galaxy s4 is the simplest way in order to watch most of the common videos on the handset without conversion, anytime and anywhere. 


We can install video player like Mobo Video Player, MX Video Player, QQ Video Player or V Video Player on the Galaxy s4, as they all can play MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV movies and videos on the device.  So when you know this you'll get it easy to play your favorite MKV or other formats movies or videos on your phone.


2.  Getting help from computer

If you want watch videos of all kinds on Galaxy S4 like iTunes M4V movies (usually the .M4V movies on iTunes are DRM protected) or Xvid, DivX, RM, MTS, M2TS videos on the Galaxy s4, we aren't able to watch iTunes videos or movies on Galaxy s4 without authorizing. The key to make it possible to transfer iTunes M4V videos or other videos to the device is remove DRM from iTunes .M4V videos, and then convert the iTunes M4V movies or other videos formats to MP4 with H.264 codec by using a video converter.


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The post is so popular, I read the content (exactly the same) just some days ago, on March 25.

Here is the one I read: http://androidcommunity.com/forums/f12/how-to-play-mkv-avi-videos-on-samsung-galaxy-s4-124620/#post474162

Same author?


By the way, it seems that there is another way to play MKV AVI on Samsung Galaxy S4. That is, convert MKV/AVI to MP4 with video converter.

Through the follow-up, find the information here:


"By searching the Internet, most of the results show me to use a galaxy s4 video converter to change the video to MP4 format, such as this one http://www.m2mate.com/resources/conv...galaxy-s4.html and something like that."


So it is our choice to choose the way to play these MKV AVI or FLV videos on Samsung Galaxy S4 correctly.

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