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Mobile Phone Timeline - Get involved!


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I realise that this is about as geeky as it gets but it's good fun so bare with me as I explain!


The idea is to create a document with a picture of every mobile phone you've ever owned in chronological order. It turned into a bit of a memory test for me seeing as I used to swap my phone about 4 times a year at one stage.


Some points of interest from my list :

  • 33 phones since 1997. Can anyone beat that!?
  • My 1st phone was a Sagem and couldn't display the name of who was calling you, it was number only!
  • I was clearly a Nokia fanboy for a few years with 7 consecutive Nokia phones.
  • Sony Ericsson broke my Nokia obsession. I just HAD to have a colour screen!
  • The HTC Orange SPV was my 1st ever smart phone. The camera was a plug-in attachment!
  • After the SPV I struggled to find a phone I was happy with. I went through 7 phones in a year trying to find the right one.
  • The Sony Ericsson Walkman phone was the phone that broke that period, I loved that little phone.
  • My 1st touch-screen smartphone was the iMate JAM, great device and one of the 1st ever phones to adopt the current smartphone form factor that so many people incorrectly credit the iPhone for discovering.
  • The Mio A701 was the 1st smartphone with integrated GPS. With my sense of direction it was a must have!
  • Whilst the world were queuing up for the original iPhone, I opted for the far superior N95. Superb features for its time.
  • Confession time. I then spent the next year looking for a reason not to buy an iPhone and I was finding it difficult, but I stuck to my guns. 2 average Samsung devices and 1 awful LG touchscreen later and I was on the verge of giving up.
  • HTC came to my rescue with the Hero. The Android love affair had begun.
  • 5 Android's later from HTC, Samsung and Motorola and I'm still hooked. The Galaxy Nexus is the best phone I've ever owned but there's some room at the end of the list for a Galaxy SIII I'm sure!








So come on folks, what mobile phone journey did you take on your way to Android?

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I have only had a respectable 8 lol

  • LG vx3100 - dot matrix FTW
  • LG vx3200 - Wowsers! It's got color!
  • LG vx3800 - One of the best phones I've ever had, felt like a tank
  • LG Dare - Where we're going, we don't need buttons
  • HTC Incredible - How Incredible it was, my first Android
  • Samsung Charge - Prettiest screen ever, too bad it they managed to make it ugly. ROMS Away!
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus - May the source be with you!
  • Motorola OG DROID - The original gangster. Gift from a friend who upgraded to GNex.


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bagphone.htm casio.htm


Bag Phone

On Att Casio with a two column keyboard Nokia similar to this Att

not sure of model # Also Att


tp 1100.htm lg 5350.htm sanyo 8100.htm

TP 110o on Sprint LG 5350 Sprint first color screen Sprint Sanyo 8100 first camera phone





samsung a900.htm

Samsung A900 Sprint first phone w/ insurance mogul.htm

HTC Mogul Sprint first smart phone

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My first mobile phone, Nokia 3210 I bought from my friend but he cheated me and the device was out of order (antenna (?) was damaged and it was not possible to call), hopefully he gave me back my money (~10 USD :D ). A few weeks later I bought the same 3210 but it was working fine. 2 years later, in 2003 I have bought Nokia 3510i it was my first and the only subscription phone. It hadn't even a camera, so in 2006 I decided to buy Siemens C75. It had really nice screen with 132x176 resolution :D It was time when my mobile gaming passion started. For this time I change my mobile phone every year, so in 2007 I've had Sony Ericsson k750i, in 2008 Nokia N73, in 2009 LG KU990 Viewty, in 2010 Nokia 5530XM (for 3 months) and then LG GT540 - my first device with Android. Since November 2011 I've got ZTE Blade with Cyanogenmod, overclocked processor, and other things that boost it :)



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