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No SD card inserted


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Yesterday I got my phone used very much and battery gone to 0%, it turned off. Then I tried to turn it on few times, but still Low battery (was waiting for important call)


Today I noticed, that my phone does not detects extrenal SD card. Tried restarting, tried factory reset, tried different file systems, nothing works (card is working on my pc very well)


When I insert that card, nothing happens. No even a notification or little freeze. Its like I am inserting piece of paper in SD slot (of course i am not doing that, just to compare).


What should I do? Phone is never rooted and running official ICS 4.0.3. which i got on december 2012 over OTA update.


There is warranty, but isnt there a faster workaround without voiding it?

Its my birthday (18) tomorrow and i need my phone at home, not in service for two weeks.


Internal storage works well. But it is too small.. Extrenal is inserted but cant be mounted even by settings button, its grey and cant be clicked. [screenshot]


Huawei Ascend G300.


Thanks for help!


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