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How to have a fast Android Emmulator?


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The Android Emulator is based on Qemu, which is single-threaded so it doesn't matter how many cores your host system has. It also attempts to emulate the entire ARM architecture. Both of these issues are underlying reasons the emulator is so slow. Of course your host system is going to be a factor as well - generally speaking the faster your CPU and the more RAM you have the better the emulator will perform. If other emulators suck on your computer this one will too.

Here are some optimizations I've found by trial and error:

1. Max out the ram to 1024 MB.
2. Reduce the emulation scale to half size
3. Create a cache partition for it of 512 MB - 1024 MB
4. Increase the screen dpi to "phone size" (240)
5. Disable boot animation (slightly speeds up getting to unlock screen)

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